Saul it Down

In 1 Samuel 14-20 we read about a young good-looking lad that was from a upstanding family selected as the first king for the nation Israel.  He was anointed by God’s own prophet, Samuel.  He started out well suited for the task, yet ended in a wretched state.  He simply got his eyes off the prize of allowing God to lead him and not himself.

God has aways wanted to instill Glory in man.  We were meant to shine, brightly shine like a star.  However, the light that is to come from us, is and should be the very Glory of God working in us for His good pleasure.  This was not the case for Saul.  We find in chapter 15 of 1st Samuel that Saul heard what the word of the Lord had instructed for his life and leadership, yet he did something completely opposed to God’s plans.  God wanted Saul to completely wipe out the Amalekites and their livestock.  Saul did wipe out most of the Amalekites with the exception of their king and a few choice livestock for sacrifices.  The king that he captured was to be showcased before all of Israel to show them how great Saul was and the live stock was to be a offering to God to show-case how religious Saul was, …ie, what great sacrifices he can make before man on behalf of God.  God hates show-casing.  He always has. The word of the Lord came back to Saul through Samuel and reminded Saul that “God requires obedience not sacrifice…”  (See 1st Sam. 15:22).  This was the beginning of Saul’s demise.  Saul’s ministry to God and His people began to wane and wonder… all due to his ego, which he should have put down, but instead allowed it to be a tool in rebellion to God’s desire for his obedience.

This reminds me of the importance of conducting ministry characterized in the nature of Christ and not in the nature of Saul.  God is not a respecter of men or position or even our good deeds or good intentions.  He does not want our sacrifices, but rather our obedience.  With that said, we must “Saul it down”… “Saul what down you might ask?… the fleshly and immoral desire to want more than what God purposes for our lives.   Regardless of the level that God has granted us to serve in, whether custodian or senior pastor.  Maybe it would be better stated: Whether sheep called to minister to other sheep or shepherd called to feed the sheep. We are all given a level of stewardship from God and we should say what Jesus stated to the disciples,…. “I come to do the will of my Father”.  Here are some principles that I have yielded over the years that has brought fruit to God’s people and ministry.  The main point here is for anyone serving God in any ministry, is that God is looking for people after His Own Heart; to do His Will, not ours.   John the Baptist said,  “He (Jesus) increase, I must decrease.”  (John 3:30)

(Regarding Character)

1.  Never be self seeking.

2.  Have a deep love for Christ.

3.  Have a deep love for others (concern for the body of Christ).

4.  Never aspire to the office, just to the function.

5.  Always check unworthy motives.

6.  Trust in the Lord to build the ministry.

7.  Greatness is becoming a servant of all.

9.  In ministering, ego has to go.

10. Never defend yourself (your ego).  Absorb the pain, As Christ.

11. Be righteous.

(Regarding Ministry)

1.  A leader must always remember that there is much to sacrifice.

2.  Desire that God would raise up leaders.

3.  A church will thrive if it’s got good strong spiritual leadership.

4.  A strong leader is to have a willingness to sacrifice for the principle of God.

5.  Leaders are hammered work.  God will pound on us in a certain way to make us His desired handiwork.

6.  If any guy that comes to CCH desires to some spiritual call in his life – he should just go for it.

7.  The majority of people that come to church want spirituality.  They are looking for spiritual role models.

  1. 8. If you are going to be a man of God, speak as His oracle.

  2. 9.When you see something that needs to be done, be one to do it.  If there needs to be a voice – be that voice.

  3. 10.  A spiritual man has need of endurance.

  4. 11.  The death nail of the church is Pessimism.

  5. 12.  Just be your nature self and let the spirit of God work in a supernatural way.

  6. 13.We don’t count… it’s God and His people that count. (Sacrificial service).

(Regarding Leadership)

1.  Leaders are not to bind people to themselves or to a personality type or to a church.

2.  A leader is to loose the people to worship Jesus with more devotion.

3.  Leaders are never to strife to be placed in position, but strife to lead people to Jesus.

  1. 4. God takes ordinary People to use them for extraordinary tasks.

Inspired by 1st Samuel 15-16; John 3:3; Bill Stonebraker, and Oswald Sanders.

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