ACC has been a great resource for our church.  They have done an amazing job meeting with folks in need and helping them to see Christ in their situation.  I would highly recommend them.

– Pastor Jeremy Heiny

Will Cunningham is a gifted counselor whom God is using to help hurting people find hope and healing through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  He can be trusted to share Christ-centered biblical counsel with clarity, conviction and compassion. I rejoice seeing God work through Will to “bind up the brokenhearted and to proclaim liberty to the captives.”

– Kelvin Moseley, Director of Missions Biltmore Church

I’ve seen through Will’s work his dedication to seeing people made whole through Scripture-centered compassion and accountability. Will is committed to helping the individual find the answers and resolve that Christ provides to their concerns.

– Jim Kirkland, Executive Director, Blue Ridge Broadcasting (106.9 the Light)

When my husband and I were in need of premarital counseling, Will offered his services. He walked with us in humility and helped us identify ourselves individually with better clarity. He finished our sessions with reassuring us with the Scriptures that we are fearfully and wonderfully made; crafted by God for his holy purposes. Will gave us the tools to operate in faithful obedience rather than live in fear of our sinful nature – we have been richly blessed in our marriage by his wisdom.

– Elizabeth Sheth

Asheville Christian Counseling is one of my top recommendations for good solid Christian counseling. I would recommend it to any of my closest friends if they were in need. I have personally had counseling from Will and trust him fully with my personal struggles.

– Amanda

I want to highly recommend Will because of his excellent counseling abilities. I believe he has great insight to help people in a Biblical manner. Will helps them talk and see the light through their difficult situations.

– S.B.

I was referred to Alive Once (now Asheville Christian Counseling) by a friend. From the first session I knew that this was going to change my life, I just didn’t know how much! Thanks to Will and his counseling style I look at things differently. He didn’t tell me how I had to do things, he helped me discover who I am and how to get what I want out of life in a healthy way. I have learned things about my traits and how I can use those traits and my gifts to bring glory to God.

– S.E.S.

I chose Will for couples counseling because he was referred to us by numerous church friends. I love his approach which hits not only from a psychological perspective but also biblically. Will is genuine and his life story is a testimony to his teachings. I highly recommend Will!

– A.L.D.

Will Cunningham is an intuitive listener. He has provided council to our team with the infinite wisdom of God, giving a positive, godly perspective of life and who we are and who we are to become.

– Christopher Vengala, Director – YWAM Asheville

Will is a person who loves people. His compassionate heart and desire to help people be all they can be through loving grace is not often found. Will has helped me and the organization tremendously by lifting us to new heights because he deeply cares. When I think of will two words describe him, loving and caring. This is what makes him such a great listener and counselor.
– Tom Atema, COO Heart for Lebanon

I am blessed by God to work with many people who are struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the lifestyle that the slavery of these addictions force them to live. Many come from troubled families or troubled lives that have stripped them of their identities, especially the person that God has ordained and chosen their lives to live. I know Pastor Will personally. I know he has a heart to love and reach out, to touch and minister, and council to people who are struggling to get their lives back together and their feet back on solid ground, to get their lives back into order and to become people who have a place in their selves and society. I know his passion, his heart, and his love for Jesus, and the hurting and broken of this world. I consider it an honor and privilege to give my blessing and endorsement to my dear friend Will.

– Pastor Louis Sanfilippo, One Accord Church & Narrow Gate Ministry
I wholeheartedly endorse Will Cunningham and would use his services given the fact that his counseling method incorporates fully God’s word and the need to obey it. It is the only way a person should live his or her life. God’s word is proven and people approach life difficulties using the wrong methods, which are usually man made and directed.
– Robby Russell

I’ve known Will for about 4 years. Over the course of that time I’ve observed his ability to give sound Christian Counseling and advice to countless many in and out of the mission. He is a tireless listener with a compassionate heart. Whomever you send to him will be blessed. I’m grateful to call him friend.

– Joel Nelson
If you are feeling like you need someone to listen to you about a certain problem, or you have something on your mind and you need godly advice. I would recommend Will for the job. I met Will about five years ago, he’s a good person and a great friend.
– Willie