When Pressed…

Photo: Hayden & Christian, Botanical Garden, Asheville Fall ’11 © by Tanya Leshe

“Keep your head down, move forward and Trust in God…”

That quote came to me this am about 715 this AM. My son’s wife contacted him via an email to inform him that his daughter (Hayden) was diagnosed with Kawasaki’s desease yesterday. He was not able to call due to being in Afghanistan, but wrote back a quick note to say… “heading out on a mission, do what the doctors say, keep you head down and trust in God, will call later…”

In 1st Samuel 22:1-2, we find the man David, in the cave of Adullam. He was on the run from Saul who had gone mad with great envy over David’s anointing. Here, David must have struggled with the thoughts of having nothing that used to comfort him.

No job, shepherding the sheep.

No green pastures to gaze upon and enjoy,

no shepherds staff to comfort him.

Everything that David was familiar with and that use to comfort him was absent from his life.

Why? Because God was making him a King… in other words, God was preparing David for serving HIM and leading his people into safer lands. So true in our own lives. Often times, God allows, and might I suggest, even decides that everything that we take comfort in, is to be taken from us so that our faith might be directed, not in ourselves, not in our processes, programs, but rather in Him. Nothing more.

David was empty of all that use to comfort him. Yet, God was getting ready to use him. V. 2 goes on to tell us that about 400 of those that were broken, discontent and distress came to David and he became their captain. We later learn that David sought the Lord and prayed before every battle, asking God to lead him and his men.

Paul writes in Phil. 2:3-8, that even though Christ was equal with God that He “emptied” himself, becoming like a bond servant…. ie, a slave, faithful to his master. We know doctrinally this had to take place for redemption of mankind to take place.

What is God emptying you of?

A career, money, lifestyle, ministry opportunities, comfort of family member’s welfare, your kids future directions or desires…

what are you being emptied of…

What comforts are you longing for…

Do you find yourself in a cave, a dark place in life right now, without a comforting shepherd’s staff, a flock to lead, or green pastures to enjoy?

Regardless of where you are, regardless of what you are going through, know that God is preparing your heart, to be used for His Glory, much like he did for David. “Keep your head down” – Praying, always, seeking Him for your Battles. “Move forward” – be active in your faith, step out and fight your battles, believing. And “Trust in God”- Know that He will never {that is NEVER} fail you. His promises are sure.

— Inspired by John 10; 1st Sam. 22
…and my son’s statement to his wife after finding out that his daughter has Kawasaki’s desease. (Pray for their family and our boys in battle).

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