Asheville Christian Counseling



Why Choose Asheville Christian Counseling?
“Life is not just about being more productive, more informed and more involved.  It’s also about being more of what God created you to be, living according to His purpose and discovering your own path. For Christians, there is a unique perspective in life mission, ethics, relationships and the decision-making process because such things are laced with prayer and seeking the guidance of the Lord.  There is an underlying depth of faith that can only be shared with a counselor who is a believer of like mind.  A Christian counselor walks alongside you providing prayer support, encouragement and challenges to support you in becoming all that you perceive God wants you to be, do and become. When you are seeking out someone to see in a counseling relationship, as a Christian, it’s imperative to work with a counselor who understands your faith and priorities. For your next Counseling Transformation… I encourage you to consider the Staff of Asheville Christian Counseling.” Richard R. Eley, Ph.D.

Words of Recommendation
When my husband and I were in need of premarital counseling, Will offered his services. He walked with us in humility and helped us identify ourselves individually with better clarity. He finished our sessions with reassuring us with the Scriptures that we are fearfully and wonderfully made; crafted by God for his holy purposes. Will gave us the tools to operate in faithful obedience rather than live in fear of our sinful nature – we have been richly blessed in our marriage by his wisdom.
Elizabeth Sheth